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We are an ambitious, eager to self-improvement team, that has developed a remarkable carefulness for our profession and our clients, whose main aim is RESULT. Earnestness, perseverance and common sense are our most accurate description. Our honest and responsible teamwork, guided by the judicial executor led us to a professional winning streak that keeps on growing. The attention we grant to the executional act is also reflected in our successful partnerships with specialists in all sort of fields: attorneys, notaries, fiscal consultant, expert accountants, assessors.

Our judicial executor’s experience in the judicial field encounters the distinction of judicial counsellor in the public administration, the position of university assistant at the Finance and Banking Faculty of Bucharest as well as a judicial studies degree from the University of Craiova in the law field.

All of the above have led to a constant growth of our professional prestige that it’s reflected best in the numerous cases that we have successfully solved. We assure our clients and co-workers of our ability and creativity in solving the cases and above all, of our deep and sincere respect.

Our office is hereby represented by Liliana Samoila, invested as a judicial executor by the Ministry of Justice Order No.2700/C/10/16/2008 and registred on the position no.87/E/2008 of the Judicial Executors Register owned by the Bucharest Court of Appeal.


Our experience of almost a decade in the enforcement field, our continuously vocational training and commitment to following training courses that keep us up to date with the never-ending adjustment of the social reality and participation at national and international conferences in the enforcement field enhance our results and our celerity in execution, growing more and more the successful results to our enforcement cases.


Staff with expertise in the enforcement activity

Permissible fees

We excise permissible fees that content our clients and reflect the income we achieve as well.


We are highly trained professionals, bachelors of law, that find themselves in a ceaseless competition with themselves, honest, dedicated and selfless that set a high example for those around us.

The downtown headquarter, laid out according to the latest requirements and legal provisions, amenities and the technology we use, are proof of the concern, effort and interest that we put in the executional act, and of the respect we offer to every person that has contact with our office and of course, to ourselves, we, those who are committed to overcome ourselves every day and make the best of our profession, a highly trained team with a solid theoretical experience and practice in the judicial field.

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The promptitude of the enforcement process lays within the execution of the enforceable titles in an emergency procedure and finding innovating judicial solutions that help speed up the process. The judicial executor or the judicial counsellor of the office engage in checking all the documentation and taxes requested for opening a file on the very date of lodging the enforcement application and also deliver free consultancy when needed, therefore respecting the celerity principle and not requiring new deadlines to complete the file.

The judicial executor emits the enforcement papers within the deadline, according to the Civil Procedure Code short terms, therefore settling an order of the priorities and if necessary, for solid reasons, he can also grant the maximum deadlines as mentioned in the legal provisions.
The informative purpose will be performed via telephone, telegraph, fax, e-mail or any other mean of communication that assures that the parties will be informed and will acknowledge all the information within the deadline, if the parties indicate such a certain deadline.
The enforcement process implies earnestness, and the winners are our clients as well as their opposed parties that need to clarify their judicial position.
Earnestness also stands in the awareness of the judicial effects that the enforcement acts cause, that are often traumatising. Despite the debtor is well-aware of his situation and of the consequences that follow, it is often hard to accept a constrained execution. Most often we try to empathize and we carry out our tasks with tact, earnestness and a high moral sense, therefore offering a fair experience both legal and moral, for all parties.

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